Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cards from stitching


I wanted to post a few cards I have made out of some finished pieces.  The patterns are all from Shannon Christine Designs and are October Birthstone, Spooky Elegance and December Zircon.  I'm working on the September Sapphire pattern this month as I have five, yes, FIVE, cards to make.


Hope you are experiencing some cooler fall weather and are not affected by the hurricanes.  Denver has been hot, hot, hot!

Happy stitching,

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August SAL


Another month has flown by.  Thanks, as always to Heather at Stitching Lotus for hosting this SAL.

I didn't have as many finishes this month as I was working on a couple of larger projects.  Ok, they are larger than I usually stitch, but still small by some people's standards.
This project was for a co-worker and it's the brand from his ranch.  He asked me to design and make it after learning I had software that let's me import pictures and create cross stitch patterns.

A going away card for a co-worker.  She's very much about doing things, rather than owning things.

This is a house warming gift for my dad.  He loves trains and used to have a model train.

Cute little unicorn from Artecy.  I stitched it "just because."

Piece for WOCS;  they are making a patriotic quilt.
Baby card for co-worker

And a variety of Christmas pieces.



That's my stitching for the month.

On a personal note, my dad is moved and his house closed a few days early.  He's settling in to his new home, but is having problems figuring out his tv.  He's very technologically challenged and won't ask for help.  He's further challenged in that he's completely deaf. He reads lips and is very good at it, but if he doesn't understand something, he is a little too prideful to admit he didn't understand.  Of course, if someone isn't facing him, he doesn't realize they are speaking so doesn't know he missed something.  He's been deaf since I was about 2, and I never really thought of him as handicapped, just someone who's ears didn't work. However, as he gets older, his lack of hearing is finally becoming a handicap to him.  With that said, he does let his pride get in  his way and just won't ask people to repeat things or admit he didn't understand.    It gets frustrating because if he'd just admit he didn't understand, people would be willing to repeat themselves.  And of course, being so far away, there's only so much I can do.

My boys have settled into college and my youngest is enjoying his own challenges of figuring out the washer and dryer.  He's such a goofy kid. So incredibly book smart, but common sense, yeah, not so much.

Happy stitching to everyone!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Smalls Update


What a crazy month July was.  I found out my dad had to have the plaque removed from one of his carotid arteries and ended up staying with him a week.  I still had to work, so I packed up  a monitor, docking station, printer, etc. and drove to South Dakota, around 600 miles from where I live.  The surgery went fine, but in spending a week with him, I realized just how much he was declining, both physically and mentally.  After discussing this with my brother and doing some online research, we decided to ask my dad's medical doctor to perform a geriatric assessment.  We weren't sure if the changes could be attributed to normal aging, or is there is something else wrong, such as dementia.  This is scheduled for late September. In the meantime, I told my dad I was worried about him and that I felt he should no longer live in his house in the country, but needed to move into town, preferably to an independent living facility.  He was confused as to why I felt this and after explaining some of the behaviors I witnessed, agreed.  That was July 14.  Last week, he put a deposit down on an apartment at a nice facility and put his house on the market. His house sold in three days for full asking price and closes Aug. 28th.  It's been a whirlwind, but everything seems to be falling into place.  Unfortunately, my work load, along with the fact that my two sons head to college this month, prevent me from being about to go back and help with the move, etc., so the majority of this is falling on my brother.  I'm just thankful I was able to go back for his surgery so we could realize what was going on with my dad.  My brother lives 90 miles from him and only sees him for an hour or two every other week.  And during that time, dad has seemed pretty good.  It's when you spend 24/7 with him, that you see what's really going on.

Anyway, in between spending a week with my dad and losing two weekends to driving and catching up with my family, I didn't stitch much in July.  And my exercising has all but vanished!  Thanks to Heather at Stitching Lotus for sponsoring the monthly smalls SAL.

Birthday card for my husband and eventual Christmas card


Birthday cards for friends



Lots of Christmas in July!



Hope your month went well.

Monday, July 3, 2017

June Smalls SAL Update


Happy almost July 4th.  I have no plans for the holiday other than stitching away. I've started exercising more, which means my stitching time is cut down. I have a couple of larger projects with deadlines, so I will stay inside my air conditioned home and stitch away!

A big thank you to Heather, at Stitching Lotus, for sponsoring the Smalls SAL.

I stitched a little of everything this month

I finished the Halloween Hooties

And one more Red White and Blue Hootie

A couple of sympathy cards, one of which I still have to make into a card


A get well card for a friend that had hip surgery. She loves cows and the color purple, so this card was perfect for her
A wedding card for a co-worker

A Mill Hill kit I started in 2015!  Woo hoo on that one!
A couple of Father's Day cards, one for my husband and one for my dad

A couple of birthday cards for co-workers

A patriotic piece for a charity group I belong to,WOCS

The start of a baby card for a co-worker

And some Christmas pieces that will be used cards.  I made around 70 Christmas cards last year, so I need to get cracking on this years'.


Happy Stitching everyone!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Card update


I decided I need to post more often, so here are some cards I made out of stitched projects.
On June 1, I realized that my neighbor and good friend's birthday was in two days and I had not made her a card.  Shameful.  Thankfully, this blackwork pattern stitches very quickly and I had an aperture card that was the perfect size.  I stitched it in three shades of green as that is her favorite color.

This is the same pattern, but in jewel tones. I had stitched it previously, but needed to make the card as the recipient's birthday is June 12.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the middle square is dark purple.

And another previously stitched project I turned into a card. This one is for someone who's favorite color is light blue and birthday is June 17th.  This pattern is the June birthstone pattern from Shannon Christine Designs.

Here are two more colors schemes using the same pattern; purple and turquoise and the original pearl. Sometimes I like to personalize the colors of the designs to match favorite colors, while using the correct month's pattern.

Happy Summer!