Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April wrap up and year to date progress

Happy May Day!

I have survived my first two days of work at my new job.  Yesterday was really tough and no one really knew what to do with me.  My position is brand new to the company and they are still working on the transition. Today was much better as they gave me a project to work on and I had some very good conversations about expectations.

I did manage to finish another four pieces over the weekend,  three of which are the same pattern stitched in different shades of yellow (445, 745 and 3078).  I still have one more to stitch in DMC 104 which will be completed in May.  These will be part of a quilt made by World of Charity Stitching.

And I ended up with another graduation card, for my cousin's daughter.  I tried something different with the tassel (I actually made a tassel) and will continue this for future graduation cards.

My year to date wrap up is as follows

  • 108 finishes out of 120 starts
  • 25 of the finishes are UFOs from 2016
  • 24 of the finishes are UFOs from 2017
  • 59 of the finishes are starts from this year

I expect my finishes will slow down, but I am very proud of the progress I made so far, especially finishing so many UFOs!

Happy Spring!


Friday, April 27, 2018

April Smalls SAL


Hello everyone,
April was a wonderful month for me as I finally got a job!!!  And while I am very excited about this,I know that it will cut into my stitching time.  Dangit!  The new job starts on the 30th and it is a wonderful opportunity.  I also plan on putting some serious effort into losing weight, which means more exercise and, you guessed it, less stitching. It's ok, I really need to get the weight off and the summer will give me a great start.

On to the stitching goodness, thanks, as always,  to Heather at Stitching Lotus, for sponsoring this SAL.

I made a bunch of birthday cards.  I gave a set of 4 to my beautician for her birthday  and the rest I will just keep on hand to use as needed.







Here's a birthday card for my dad, who turns 80 this year.

Here's a Hootie, because it has been far too long since I stitched a Hootie.  This will be part of a birthday present for a friend.

More of the Mill Hill Zodiac patterns.

And a graduation card for my niece. Only one this year, as opposed to the 5 MILLION I made last year.  (Ok, maybe not quite 5 million, but it sure seemed like it when I was stitching them last year)

And finally, a few pieces I started last month and finished this month.


Still a few days left in the month, so I may get a couple more done.

Happy stitching!


Friday, April 13, 2018

Cards, cards, cards


Happy blustery Friday.  It snowed overnight and has been blustery all day.  What a perfect day to stitch!

I finished some cards and wanted to share the pictures.

These two are the same basic patter, I just used different colors and fabrics.


A couple of the Mill Hill Zodiacs turned into cards rather than ornaments

Some all purpose cards

Birthday card for my father-in-law

And one for a friend that loves frogs

And some general birthday cards to have on hand.  I'm stitching more of these this month and plan on giving a set of four of them to the lady that cuts my hair for her birthday.  I love stitching the same design in different colors.

Have a great weekend,

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March is a wrap!


Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you had as beautiful weather today as we did.

I was able to finish three more projects, all of which were 2016 UFOs.


And here's the final finish of one of my other's, it's a covered button.

So...I finished 23 out of 31 starts for March, with 6 being 2016 UFOs and 7 being 2017 UFOs.

Below are my stats for the year
     81 finishes out of 90 starts
     25 finishes were 2016 UFOs
     22 finishes were 2017 UFOs
     34 finishes were 2018 starts

I'm particularly proud of the finishes for the 2016 UFOs and honestly don't know if I would have had the time to sort through my stash and find these, let alone finish them, if I wasn't unemployed.

I'm going to continue a "start a day" through April, as I have several birthday and Christmas cards I know I will need.  After that, I plan on focusing on UFOs.  Although, I think I said that last year and ended up with a start a day for every day of the year...

Happy stitching,

Friday, March 30, 2018

March Smalls SAL


It's that time of the month again, time to post my Smalls update, which is sponsored by Heather at Stitching Lotus.

It seems like I didn't stitch as much this month, as I got quite a few large home projects done, but as I review my finishes, I guess I really did do some stitching.

I finished several Mill Hill UFO's from 2017




And one Mill Hill from this year

A couple Design Works UFO's from 2016

A Lizzie Kate UFO from 2016

And some new starts and finishes for the month.  Most of these are for cards, however' the first design will be a covered button.



I have a  couple more UFOs I'm trying to finish before the month is over and will update my yearly progress with starts and UFOs at that point later.

Still no job, but I have been interviewing with a few companies recently, so fingers crossed!

Happy Stitching,