Friday, April 13, 2018

Cards, cards, cards


Happy blustery Friday.  It snowed overnight and has been blustery all day.  What a perfect day to stitch!

I finished some cards and wanted to share the pictures.

These two are the same basic patter, I just used different colors and fabrics.


A couple of the Mill Hill Zodiacs turned into cards rather than ornaments

Some all purpose cards

Birthday card for my father-in-law

And one for a friend that loves frogs

And some general birthday cards to have on hand.  I'm stitching more of these this month and plan on giving a set of four of them to the lady that cuts my hair for her birthday.  I love stitching the same design in different colors.

Have a great weekend,

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March is a wrap!


Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you had as beautiful weather today as we did.

I was able to finish three more projects, all of which were 2016 UFOs.


And here's the final finish of one of my other's, it's a covered button.

So...I finished 23 out of 31 starts for March, with 6 being 2016 UFOs and 7 being 2017 UFOs.

Below are my stats for the year
     81 finishes out of 90 starts
     25 finishes were 2016 UFOs
     22 finishes were 2017 UFOs
     34 finishes were 2018 starts

I'm particularly proud of the finishes for the 2016 UFOs and honestly don't know if I would have had the time to sort through my stash and find these, let alone finish them, if I wasn't unemployed.

I'm going to continue a "start a day" through April, as I have several birthday and Christmas cards I know I will need.  After that, I plan on focusing on UFOs.  Although, I think I said that last year and ended up with a start a day for every day of the year...

Happy stitching,

Friday, March 30, 2018

March Smalls SAL


It's that time of the month again, time to post my Smalls update, which is sponsored by Heather at Stitching Lotus.

It seems like I didn't stitch as much this month, as I got quite a few large home projects done, but as I review my finishes, I guess I really did do some stitching.

I finished several Mill Hill UFO's from 2017




And one Mill Hill from this year

A couple Design Works UFO's from 2016

A Lizzie Kate UFO from 2016

And some new starts and finishes for the month.  Most of these are for cards, however' the first design will be a covered button.



I have a  couple more UFOs I'm trying to finish before the month is over and will update my yearly progress with starts and UFOs at that point later.

Still no job, but I have been interviewing with a few companies recently, so fingers crossed!

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Latest February update

Happy March 1.  Today, my oldest son turned 21 and I feel so old! My husband and I went up to Boulder, CO, where Joe attends college, and bought him his first "legal" beer. 

We also fed him.  He's not much of a drinker and I think he appreciated the food more.

I managed to finish 5 more projects in February.
Snow House by Lizzie*Kate. Anyone else saddened that they are retiring?  Good for them though. Enjoy life while you have your health!

And the four Hooties from "We the Hooties".  


Here's the four of them in one shot.  I wanted to add a few more 4th of July Hooties and these make a great addition.

So, to recap February. I started (or resumed work on UFO's) 28 projects and finished 26.

Of the two I did not finish, one is Summer Oak by Mill Hill and I will finish it in March as I'm about 3/4 done with the stitching and then I have to add beads.  The other is a start from 2015. I did not work on it at all in 2016 or 2017. I dug it out on February 19 and said "Enough, I will finish this!"  I worked on it hot and heavy for awhile and then had to take a break.  Here's my starting point with a picture of what the finish will look like, and where I left off about a week ago.
I'm going to start working on it again over the weekend and while I'd like to think I'll have it done by the end of March, I do get tired of black thread! It's also stitched on 28 count and my eyes can only take so much of that.  It WILL be done in time to hang up for Halloween this year, that I guarantee.

Have a great weekend,

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Smalls Update


Hello and Happy Stitching!

It is time for the monthly Smalls SAL update.  Thanks, as always to Heather at Stitching Lotus for sponsoring this.

I finished the last two Vervaco Cat Christmas cards.  These were UFOs from 2016.

A couple Valentine finishes.
And my month would not be complete without some Hooties!


 Here's the complete set of Red, White and Blue Hooties.

And here's three more 2017 UFOs

And some 2016 UFOs

I even finished a UFO from 2015!

And shockingly, I had some new starts this month



As of today, I have 25 starts and 21 finishes for the month.  Of the finishes, 7 were started this year, 9 were started in 2017, 4 were started in 2016 and 1 was started in 2015.  I hope to have 4 more finishes before the month is over.  I'm making great progress on my 2018 Christmas and birthday cards. 

Sadly, no job, but I remain every hopeful and continue to love all my stitching time.